Centre for Chinese Studies 
Year 2019

研究计划 2019年

No Project Leader Members Project Titles Funding amount (RM) Funding Agencies
1 Tan Ai Boay Toh Teong Chuan The Distribution of Chinese Temples in Perak before World War Two 32,000 UTARRF
2 Chin Chong Foh - Malay and Non-Malay Relations from the Perspectives of Malaysian First Two Prime Ministers Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and Tun Abdul Hussein 36,680 External Fund: Tun Tan Cheng Lock Research Centre Research project
3 Er Lee Siong a) Dr. Lam Lap, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
b) Dr. Tam Yong Huei, Southern University College, Malaysia.
c) Dr. Tan Huey Pyng, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia.
d) Dr. Sen Kim Soon, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan.
A Project of Data Compilation and Research on Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese Classical Poetry 2016-2018 147,760 Malaysian Sinology Association
4 Liau Ping Leng (Co-researcher) Dr Ko Chia Cian, National Taiwan University, Principal Investigator
Dr Tsai Yini, National Taiwan University, Collaborator
Global Sinophone and Modern Literature: Localised Teaching in Taiwan and Malaysia  20,000 The Ministry of Education, Taiwan 
5 Lee Soo Chee - A Study of Genre, Writing Techniques and Literary Development of The Malaysian Chinese Literature of Buddhism: with special focus on Selected Malaysian Chinese Prose of Buddhism (1982-2010) and the 1st-6th Xinyun Literary Writing Contest" 3,509.60 Fo Guang Shan Education Centre Berhad & UTAR 
6 Tee Boon Chuan - Research Project on Islam, Confucianism and the Moderate Path of Civilization 24,700 Fo Guang Shan (M)
7 Chou Wen Loong - A Study of Fang Lu’s (方路) Writing in Malaysian Chinese Literature: The Creation Writing form Poem, Prose to Nanism Novel 32,500 UTARRF
8 Tee Boon Chuan Pua Shiau Chen Research Project on Eng Choon Chinese in Selangor and Johore 10,000 YTL from Minnan Cultural Studies Unit
9 Wong Wun Bin - The Immigration History of Ka Yin People: A Case Study of  Moy Kong Kung Hui (1903-2017)
60,000 Kampar Moy Kong Kung Hui
10 Wong Lih Lih - The Modern Thought and Social Conscience in
Malaysian Malay Literature: A Case Study on Fatimah Busu
32,300 UTARRF
11 Wong Wun Bin Chong Siou Wei The History of Perak Chinese Mining Association 173,000 Perak Chinese Mining Association
12 Tan Ai Boay Ling Liong Ngo & Toh Teong Chuan Historical Records and Legends of the Cave Temples in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 100,000 Pejabat Menteri & SUK Negeri Perak
13 Ling Liong Ngo Lim Kar Loke Writing of Classical Chinese Poetry in Perak: Mountain City Collection of the Shancheng Poetry Society 33,000 UTARRF
14 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Song Yanpeng Prof. Dr. Danny Wong Tze Ken, Assoc. Prof. Dr. An Huanran,
Dr. Tan Ai Boay, Mr. Zhang Yuan
The Migration history of Guandong people in Malaysia
(RMB 150,000)
The Social Sciences Foundation of Guangdong Province
15 Lim Chee Men Yap Siew Chin Project on Chinese Wooden Tablet Research in Malaysia (1)
6455.75 Unit Hal Ehwal Bukan Islam, Perak
16 Yap Siew Chin Lim Chee Men Project on Go Research in Perak
6860 Unit Hal Ehwal Bukan Islam, Perak
17 Tan Ai Boay Chong Siou Wei, Toh Teong Chuan The Compiling of Ancestral Tablets in Kar Yin Fee Kon, Penang
9,000.00 Kar Yin Fee Kon, Penang
18 Er Lee Siong a) Dr. Yam Kah Kean, Malaya University, Malaysia.
b) Dr. Koay Su In, New Era College, Malaysia.
c) Dr. Tan Kim Hooi, Southern University College, Malaysia.
d) Dr. Ang Yee Ling, Nanjing University, China.
e) Ms. Thong Meng Wei, Shanghai Fudan University, China.
A Project of Research and Publication on Malaysian Sinology 2016-2021 90,000 Malaysian Sinology Association
19 Chong Eu Choong  Tee Boon Chuan, Chin Chong Foh etc. Tan Cheng Lock’s  Biography Research Project 450,000 United Melaka Sdn Bhd.
20 Chong Siou Wei Lim Chooi Kwa,
Wong Wun Bin,
Tee Boon Chuan, Wu Ming Chu,
Chin Chong Foh, Toh Teong Chuan
Min Nan Studies Research Project 300,000 YTL Corporation Berhad
21 Tan Ai Boay Chong Siou Wei, Toh Teong Chuan The Studies of Parit Buntar and Datoh Gong Belief
80,000 Siang Heng Plastic Ware Sdn Bhd, Parit Buntar, Perak
22 Toh Teong Chuan Tan Ai Boay, Mok Tuck Hau Research on History and Culture of Kinta Valley, Perak (Projek Pengkajian Tempatan Kawasan Sekitar Lembah Kinta) 100,000 Pejabat Menteri & SUK Negeri Perak